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Ringwood shurch of Englang Infant School

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Vision & Values

Our Vision
At Ringwood CE Infant School our vision places learning at its heart, where that learning is highly relevant and exciting and provides children with the necessary skills for future life and learning.


Our Vision - Living out our Christian Ethos values of LOVE, COURAGE and RESPECT, we thrive in an environment filled with kindness and consideration. We are resilient learners who show determination and aspiration in our journey. We cherish our world and everyone within it. 


“Growing together with love, courage and respect”


This vision is driven through demonstrating our three Core Christian Values and the development of our six Learning Values in the context of our Integrated Curriculum.


We believe children learn most effectively when their learning is positive, motivating and challenging. We support our children to develop meaningful relationships and to be able to work collaboratively, taking on a variety of roles as appropriate. 

Our Three Core Christian Values 

Love is one of our core Christian Values - as a school we show love and care towards one another, nurturing each other and supporting one another in love, because this value is of ultimate importance in life.

Courage is a core value because Jesus has inspired us to be courageous and to stand up for what is right in all circumstances, never giving up.


Respect is an important core value because it is the foundation stone of relationships within our school and wider community. 

Our Six Learning Values 

  • Spirituality
    We believe that spiritual learners make meaning from personal experience and develop personal values to live their life by.
  • Independence
    We believe independent learners know how they learn and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Creativity
    We believe creative learners are innovative and think of novel ideas.
  • Interdependence
    We believe that interdependent learners make the best use of everyone's talents and skills and enjoy working collaboratively.
  • Thinking
    We believe that effective thinking is the key to learning and unlocks everyone's potential.
  • Emotional Engagement
    We believe emotionally engaged learners use their feelings positively in their learning.
For more information about our Christian and Learning Values, please see below.

Our Core Christian Values


Ringwood Church of England Infant School

Ringwood Church of England Infant School

School Lane, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1LG